Appraisers specializing in commercial real estate and related business valuations

Highly skilled in appraisal valuation methodologies to provide the highest quality appraisal reports of commercial and Industrial valuations for estate tax, trusts, litigation, eminent domain, mortgage loans, mark to market, economic damages, corporate acquisition, and asset disposition purposes.

Our certified appraisal specialists provide estate tax compliant date of death valuations of residential, Industrial, and commercial real property. We provide individual and portfolio valuations for trust, divorce, gift, bankruptcy, estate planning, diminution in value, insurance casualty losses, fire & flood damages, construction defect, real estate damages, landslide, easements, encroachment, and REO commercial loan foreclosure workouts.

Our appraisers also provide forensic property value opinions, expert witness testimony, appraisal fraud, standard of care and professional practice reviews, valuations for commercial loan modifications, eminent domain, economic damages, research and market analysis, litigation support, and real estate consulting for residential and commercial real estate decision making requirements.

Our mortgage lender appraisal services include appraising commercial real estate for troubled commercial loan workouts, commercial short sales, commercial loan reviews, level C market analysis scenarios for highest & best use and feasibility studies, quick look feasibility analysis, highest and best use studies, and market surveys.

Our appraisal specialists have experience in various types of real estate including custom homes, luxury multimillion dollar estates, mansion’s, ocean front homes, ranch and acreage estates. Our commercial property experience includes industrial real estate, apartment buildings, senior apartment complex, luxury apartments, commercial office buildings, health care facilities, medical office, motel and hotel, church and religious facilities, synagogues, temples, retail and industrial showroom, mixed use, warehouse, R & D industrial office, restaurant, vacant land, vacant land with entitlements, proposed new home subdivisions, finished lots, blue top lots, large raw land parcels, hotel and motel, church conversions, auto centers, gas station, fast food restaurants, Del Taco, Taco Bell, big box retail, Costco, Wal-mart, retail shopping centers, bank branch building, C-store gas stations, retail store front, mixed use office retail, car dealerships, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes Benz, automotive centers, Kragen, Auto Zone, car wash, self-storage facilities, mini-warehouse, vacant commercial lots, medical office building, specialty retail  buildings, industrial  park, convalescent hospitals, private college and university, public schools, parks, nursing homes, dental facilities, bank building, easement, encroachments, construction defects, landslide, real estate damages, leased fee interests, leaseholds, sandwich leases, parks, city and county real estate, and numerous special use commercial and industrial property.

AppraiserValues has geographically located state licensed, designated, and certified appraisers serving all of Southern California. Our appraisers include designated Members of the Appraisal Institute. Each of our appraisal experts has individual geographical expertise in a wide variety of commercial properties. We believe valuations prepared or supervised by a Member of the Appraisal Institute are among the highest quality appraisals in the industry.

Our appraisal specialists can perform commercial assignments throughout Southern California. We can provide appraisal report rapid turn times in each county with our main focus on Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County. For selected property assignments we cover all of California. We provide appraisers with high quality track records who can generally assist you with rapid appraisal turn times.