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We are leading residential and commercial appraisal firm of real estate for loan modifications, foreclosures, and portfolios of commercial and industrial real estate. Our company provides appraisal services for loan purposes, private money, loan workouts, hard money, foreclosure, and REO real estate. Our services include residential homes, luxury home estates, mansions, apartments, shopping centers, industrial and commercial real estate throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and San Diego.

Our professional appraisers provide phased snapshots of fair market value of residential, commercial industrial real estate for attorneys, banks, and financial institutions in Los Angeles and Orange County. We also can provide our clients with “quick sale” forecasts that understand your timeline. Our appraisal services is for owners, lenders, borrowers in default, loan modifications, lawyers and attorneys in bankruptcy court, bank REO real estate owned, in process foreclosures, mortgage servicers, mortgage lenders, SBA loans, FNMA & HUD homes, FHA home foreclosures, legal service companies, lawyers, real estate attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, divorce, home mortgage lenders, hard money loan service companies, vulture funds, distress realty funds, hedge funds, hard money loan institutions, commercial CMBS lenders, hedge funds, banks, credit unions, and savings banks.
REO lenders, owners, banks or mortgage lenders need to know the difference between fair market value and “quick disposition” value, to determine the potential equity position or charge-off liability of their commercial, industrial, and residential real estate. Determining fair market value in a changing market is critical to reducing standing inventory of REO bank owned real estate. That’s why a current up to date appraisal by a qualified appraiser is absolutely necessary in this challenging market.

REO bank owned real estate foreclosure property, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial real estate, of course, presents special challenges. The owner or the tenant may be unwilling to allow an inspection of the property. If they have abandoned the property already, they may have neglected care of the property for some time — or worse, caused damage. Each of our foreclosure REO real estate valuation specialists has the experience and training to deal with the special dynamics of a due diligence inspection and qualitative risk assessment when preforming review appraisals and or valuing Orange County and Los Angeles County industrial and commercial real estate in foreclosure.

Qualitative risk assessment valuation focuses on residential, commercial, and industrial property characteristics and the current level of competitiveness in the market place. Cataloging property characteristics typically includes locational analysis, identifying construction quality, design amenities, condition of the improvements, identification of deferred maintenance items, physical occupancy, leasing activity, tenant quality, rent schedules, vacant space, in place and prospective tenant improvement analysis, operating income and expense data, and an overall rating of property management diligence is observed and obtained. Interviews with the owner or property management representatives are made and review of all leases, rent rolls, and operating statements for the past 3 years are examined to determine historical property management performance. Orange County and Los Angeles Commercial and industrial reports are prepared in accordance with the highest appraisal standards in the industry.

For home foreclosures for sale and bank foreclosure real estate that have already reverted to Bank REO (Real Estate Owned) status, you likewise will be interested in an expert foreclosure value specialist that can provide expert witness and quick disposition appraisal services. As a lender you may want to know and compare three values: As-is, as repaired, and “quick sale value.” This type of real estate Bank REO’s service must be done by a designated experienced licensed certified home or commercial appraiser familiar with bank owned real estate REO’s and foreclosure real estate. As a Member of the Appraisal Institute, we are experienced commercial appraisers in REO real estate.

An REO appraisal must represent the value of the Orange County and Los Angeles real property “As Is” and “As if Complete” (with the required completion items necessary to make the property marketable at full market value and commensurate with competing properties in the area).

The proposed work could also be somewhere in-between a partial “fixer-upper” with minimal investment in repairs. In this type of real estate appraisal assignment the appraiser can appraise the property “As Is” or “As If Complete” with minimal repairs to quickly market the real estate. Again, as expert real estate foreclosure appraiser we understand your timeline and the unique circumstances of lender and Bank REO real estate, as well as the special information you’ll need — including competing Orange County & Los Angeles listings, market trends, days on the market and specific market conditions. In addition, foreclosed homes that have been on the market for over 90 days require an updated valuation from independent REO real estate appraisers to determine a current and retrospective
sales price as real estate market conditions may have changed.

Loan modifications

The current value of your home or commercial property is the first thing a lender will ask you to obtain in the loan modification process. An appraisal of your property will give you the information you need to determine if the banks desk top appraiser’s valuation is correct.

Please browse our appraisal website to learn more about each of our California real estate professionals, our qualifications and our banked owned REO commercial and industrial appraisal expertise along with our commercial special use appraiser expertise. We provide industrial appraisals and other services throughout the Southern California five county service area including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County real estate, and San Diego County real estate.

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